To produce a variety of imagery revolving around the Cheshire and Warrington area with aim to introducing a library of images for Cheshire & Warrington LEP to use in promoting the area as a place to live, work, invest and visit. Images should work with design to capture the scale of opportunity, the diversity, the region’s cultural appeal and exceptional quality of life.


  • Initiate the production of a library of photographic images in and around the Cheshire & Warrington area

  • Create a sense of place and identity for Cheshire & Warrington in collaboration with Cheshire & Warrington LEP.

  • Capture the personality of Cheshire and Warrington through its landscapes, it’s built environment and architecture, iconic landmarks, cities, town’s and villages, it’s transport infrastructure, lifestyle and culture, business, research and academic assets whilst focusing on it's people to convey it’s appeal.

“Lifestyle work for St. Johns College, Cambridge University”

“Lifestyle work for St. Johns College, Cambridge University”



  • 2019 is my 11th year as a professional creative photographer working out of Liverpool, UK and working across the world. I have built an extensive portfolio of lifestyle and portraiture and am proud of my reputation as being a warm, creative and experienced photographer who loves what he does and loves working with others to produce brilliant fulfilling work together.

  • Clients include:
    BBC, Channel 5, The Times, The Telegraph, Aldi, Liverpool FC, Marks & Spencer, Bosch, Cunard, Hiscox, Easyjet, Domino Records, Epitaph Records, Liverpool John Moores University, Cambridge University, University of Manchester, VisitLiverpool, It’s Liverpool, Wirral Council, Open Culture, National Heritage Fund, University College Dublin, Laureate International, Spex (DE).



I have built a portfolio and reputation for producing vibrant, upbeat imagery that is dynamic and storytelling. Over the 11 years I’ve developed what I believe is the most important part of being a working photographer and that is my ability to understand and be sympathetic towards subjects I work with. Projects such as this, working with regular people with no experience of photo shoots require quick understanding of individuals and ability to adapt and work around any awkwardness unwillingness to put people at ease and produce great, natural, unforced imagery. I’m passionate about people and what they do, I often find this passion helps build relationships with the people we work with and thus create great photographs. In 2016 I became a CAA approved drone pilot.
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Photographs are delivered within 72 hours (unless agreed otherwise)
Photographs are delivered via online gallery (hosted by Photoshelter) or alternatively via .ZIP download (hosted by Google Drive).
Photographs are delivered in SRGB at 300ppi as standard. Additional and specific colour profiles also available at request (i.e. Adobe RGB)


Day Rate: £700.00 (£600.00 upon multiple day bookings)
Half Day: £450.00
Hourly Rate: £145.00

Additional expenses include parking charges and fuel cost (44ppm).
(all inc of VAT)



I work closely with clients, the process from inception to delivery is a collaborative one. To successfully complete projects like this its vital that you can assist in organising subjects and location access. I’ve experience in doing this myself but it’s great to view this as a team effort.


I would imagine that it’s best to firstly produce an overall starting list of images that you need within this time slot (it’s worth bearing in mind that landscapes and outdoor/aerial work is subject to the weather and seasonal appearance) and then grouping the shots into locations and days.

As a general rule, an hour in a location for portraits of a subject or two is a good guide. My time taken is usually dependant on setting lights up (if necassary), location scouting and interacting with subjects. We can often try a few different things within that hour.

Landscapes are often best shot early morning or late afternoon for the best quality light.

Aerial work is subject to legal take-off locations, wind/rain and airspace regulations.


Next step would be for us to meet and I’d love to answer any other questions you may have. From there if you feel I’m a good fit then we can start scheduling (April is the time of year most businesses try to book me with the new budget year) and discussing shot lists and more specific requirements.

  • Born on The Wirral

  • Studied Design for Multimedia in the Midlands before returning home, taking too many pictures and not making enough websites.

  • Once drove an ambulance to Mongolia for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

  • Recently completed 8 day continuous solo hike around Anglesey for Mind.

  • Proud owner of a rescue Labrador called Jasper.

  • Editor and founder of outdoor family lifestyle blog, Skip and Jump.

You can follow daily life here and check out recent work here on Instagram.

t: +44 07980884782