#LOSTCASTLES in West Kirby

I'll admit I stalled in heading down to Olivier Grossetêtes new project, despite part of it being built in my very own town of West Kirby it wasn't until word got around that I got off my bum to go and see it. I'm so glad that I did. 

At six sites across the Liverpool City Region various castles were being built out of nothing but cardboard, sticky tape and the community. West Kirby was the chosen location for a Viking stave church, celebrating Wirral's unique Viking history. 

I arrived down there after a day of building and the site was simply something else. What's more is that the vibe and atmosphere down there was unbelievable. Tons of people, laughing, smiling, working together. Kids running around, families with dogs, picnics etc Just amazing to see the whole town come together to help construct this stunning structure. Thanks for choosing our little seaside town Olivier. 

I even nipped back again the next morning. 

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